This site brings together theory, practice and resources on online social annotation in higher ed classrooms. Far from exhaustive and by no means prescriptive, I aim for this to be a living document that inspires instructors across all disciplines to re-think reading and writing in the (online) classroom. Whether you’re new to the concept or looking to find the right tools for your classroom, this is the place for you.

About myself: I’m Anke Geertsma (@annepluus) and I work as a Fellow at the Teaching and Learning Center at CUNY Graduate Center, where I’m also doing a PhD in Comparative Literature. I grew up in The Netherlands and moved to New York City five years ago. I have taught at various colleges across the city and believe in learning from and collaborating with others to improve (public higher) education. I’ve been working on social reading and writing pedagogy and practice (mostly through the amazing Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate Program) and am very happy to share my findings with innovative, attentive instructors like you. Please feel free to reach out, annotate this site (I enabled hypothes.is on almost all pages), or leave a comment.

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